FOI compliance is 18 months overdue

The Board of Selectmen was expected to take up the issue of a Freedom of Information Act violation at its meeting on Monday, Jan. 23, but action was postponed to its meeting of Feb. 6.

In June 2014 Wilton resident Marissa Lowthert filed a complaint with the Freedom of Information Commission regarding the inadequate noticing of an executive session that took place June 2, 2014. Lowthert indicated the board failed to state the purpose of the executive session “with sufficient specificity” and failed to identify who attended the executive session.

The complaint was resolved in Lowthert’s favor and the commission ordered the board to amend the meeting minutes to include “a statement of the purpose of the executive session specifying the pending litigation matter discussed and specifying which employee contract was discussed” and to include a record of the vote to convene the executive session and the names of those in attendance, including the names of the board members.

The amended minutes were to be filed within 30 days of the order, which was issued June 24, 2015. Those amended minutes were never filed.

When notified of this omission, First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice put the matter on the Jan. 23 agenda. Since this event preceded her position on the board, Vanderslice said, she had hoped to first speak with the board members who attended the June 2, 2014, meeting, but had not been able to reach former selectman Hal Clark.

During the public comment period on Monday, Lowthert expressed her appreciation to Vanderslice for taking up the matter. She also said she was interested in hearing comments from Selectman Dick Dubow, who is the only current board member who also served in 2014, but since the matter was deferred until Feb. 6, he offered no comment.