Emergency response team takes part in drill

Approximately 100 CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) members from Wilton, and surrounding towns participated in a disaster drill at a Stamford school this past weekend. The first part of the drill simulated a fire in an office building, while the second part focused on an explosion situation. Jack Majesky, of Wilton CERT, said ‘At least once a year, and usually twice a year, we run a joint exercise with the other units. Last Saturday was an example of that. It was predicated on the Boston bombing.’ CERT teams were divided between triage and medical treatment teams, perimeter security and evidence recovery. ‘Actors’ from each town played roles as victims, press trying to get information, and relatives trying to push through the security lines. The primary purpose of the drill was to allow CERT members from different towns to learn to work together, practice the first aid skills learned during training, and test radio communications. ‘The CERT leaders meet on a regular basis once a month,’ Mr. Majesky said. ‘Part of our mission is to understand each other, and be prepared to work with one another should the need for mutual aid occur.’ Area CERT leaders hold two joint exercises every year, Mr. Majesky said. Paul Lourd, a Wilton resident, was one of two radio communications specialists at the exercise this year.Above are the members of the Wilton team who participated.