Election results: O'Dea wins in 125th, Lavielle takes 143rd, Boucher wins in 26th

11:54 p.m. With an 86% turnout, following is the unofficial Wilton vote, including absentee ballots.


Mitt Romney (R) 5424

Barack Obama (D) 4589

Rocky Anderson (I) 20

Gary Johnson (L) 82

U.S. Senator

Linda McMahon (R) 5259

Chris Murphy (D) 4428

Paul Passarelli (L) 147

U.S. Congress

Steve Obsitnik (R) 4931

Jim Himes (D) 4864

State Senator

Toni Boucher (R) 6528

Carolanne Curry (D) 3156

State Representatives

143rd House District

Gail Lavielle (R) 3928

Ted Hoffstatter (D) 2277

125th House District

Tom O'Dea (R) 1902

Mark Robbins (D) 1432

David Bedell (G) 58

Registrar of Voters

Tina Gardner (R) 5515

Carole Young-Kleinfeld (D) 3865

11:36 p.m.: Unofficial numbers show Toni Boucher a clear winner in her re-election bid in the 26th state senate district.

Ms. Boucher won every town in her district with the exception of Westport, which is her challenger Carolanne Curry's home town.

Ms. Boucher received a total of 28,702 votes to Ms. Curry's 20,517. Ms. Curry has not yet conceded, according to Ms. Boucher, who spoke to The Bulletin.

Unofficial Wilton Numbers:

Candidate District 1 District 2 District 3 Total

Romney 1662 1675 1413 4750

Obama 1271 1338 1232 3841

McMahon 1657 1555 1351 4563

Murphy 1235 1356 1187 3778

Obsitnik 1553 1522 1291 4366

Himes 1364 1463 1317 4144

Boucher 2038 2002 1697 5737

Curry 867 968 896 2731

Lavielle 1913 1583 3496

Hoffstatter 992 1003 1995

O'Dea 1669 1669

Robbins 1207 1207

Bedell 42 42

Gardner 1717 1692 1457 4866

Young-Kleinfeld 1093 1187 1065 3345

10:41 p.m. — Gail Lavielle announces she has won re-election with 59% of the vote and that Ted Hoffstatter has conceded.

Total numbers: Gail Lavielle 6554, Ted Hoffstatter 4565

10:14 PM — Several are reporting, including Hersam Acorn's John Kovach, that Obsitnik has conceded to Himes.

10 p.m.: With most of the votes counted in New Canaan and Wilton, it appears that Republican Tom O'Dea will be the new state representative from the 125th District.

In Wilton, Mr. O'Dea apparently defeated Mark Robbins 1,669-1,207 with very preliminary numbers. Mr. Bedell's votes are unconfirmed.

In New Canaan, Mr. O'Dea won District 1 with 3,248 votes to Democrat Mark Robbins' 1,367 votes. Green Party member David Beddel got 83 votes. In District 2 of New Canaan, the other district part of the 142nd, Mr. O'Dea got 1,744 votes to Mr. Robbins' 950 and 47 for Mr. Bedelll.

That gives Mr. O'Dea a total of 6, 661 to Mr. Robbins' 3,524. Mr. Bedell won 130 votes in New Canaan.

These numbers do not include absentee ballots.

"I ran a positive campaign that I'm very proud of, and I'm humbled by the support I've been given," Mr. O'Dea just told The Bulletin's sister paper, The New Canaan Advertiser. "I'm hopeful to represent New Canaan and Wilton in Hartford and follow in John Hetherington's footsteps."

9:35 p.m. Numbers from New Canaan District 1 show:

O'Dea over Robbins and Bedell 3,248-1,367-83

Greenwich resident Linda McMahon has been unsuccessful in her second run for the United States Senate. No official statements have been made by the candidates, but the AP and the major networks have all called the race for U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy.

CBS News has also projected that U.S. Rep. Jim Himes has won his race for a third term against Republican Steve Obsitnik.

Gov. Dannel Malloy, a strong supporter of Mr. Murphy, has released a statement on his victory, saying, "Good for Chris Murphy, good for Connecticut. Tonight's victory by Chris shows that we have elections in Connecticut, not auctions. Chris is a smart, decent, thoughtful guy, and he's exactly the right kind of person to represent the people of Connecticut in the U.S. Senate. He knows that although we've begun to turn things around in Connecticut, choices that are made in Washington DC impact all of us. I'm confident that when it comes time to make those choices in the U.S. Senate, Chris will make the right ones for Connecticut."

9:20 p.m. Ridgefield's District 3 goes with Boucher over Curry, 1,876 to 1,254.

9:11 p.m. Preliminary numbers from Wilton show Toni Boucher leading Carolanne Curry for state senate, Gail Lavielle leading Ted Hoffstatter for state representative in the 143rd and Tom O'Dea leading Mark Robbins and David Bedell for state representative in the 125th.

8:27 PM – The Associated Press is calling the U.S. Senate race for Democrat Chris Murphy.

8:06 PM — The Associated Press is projecting President Barack Obama the winner of Connecticut.

8 p.m.: The polls have just closed in Wilton and it will be a while before votes are tallied from three polling places. There are also many absentee ballots — more than 1,200 as of this afternoon — to count as well.

Wilton voters cast ballots for a new state representative for the 125th District, which also includes New Canaan. It's a three-way race among Republican Tom O'Dea, Democrat Mark Robbins and Green Party member David Bedell. Some Wiltonians voted in the 143rd District, which pits incumbent Republican Gail Lavielle and Democrat Ted Hoffstatter.

Wilton has one State Senate district, the 26th, where Republican incumbent Toni Boucher seeks another term against Democratic challenger Carolanne Curry.

For the U.S. House, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat, is seeking a third term against Republican Steve Obsitnik. And for the U.S. Senate race to replace Joe Lieberman, Republican Linda McMahon is facing Democrat Chris Murphy.