EZ Junk Removal provides solutions for home, business owners

Ezra Zimmerman’s EZ Junk Removal continues to expand in the area.
Ezra Zimmerman’s EZ Junk Removal continues to expand in the area.

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Not sure what to do with that old sofa in the basement or the broken refrigerator in the garage? Have no fear, EZ Junk Removal is here.

Owner Ezra Zimmerman has expanded his junk-hauling business into Wilton and Redding this year, and looks forward to providing suggestions to clients who don’t know what to do with their old stuff.

“A lot of people have a hard time deciding between what’s junk, what’s valuable and what should be donated so what we do is give them an honest opinion,” said Zimmerman, who started the business in Ridgefield two years ago and was named the Chamber of Commerce’s new business of the year in February 2017.

Zimmerman estimates he could haul junk out of a basement in less than an hour. With a fleet of four trucks, he can service up to as many as four locations — homes, offices, or storage units — at a time.

“We’ve expanded quite a bit,” said Zimmerman. “With our manpower, we’re capable of junking an entire offices in less than a day.”

His favorite part of the job is going into a place full of years of stuff and “breaking the house down.”

“They have 25 to 30 years worth of stuff that they got to get rid of and they don’t know what to do so we personalize it for them,” he said. ‘We put things into three piles: a junk pile, a keep pile and a donate pile....It’s very satisfying being there when it’s empty.”

For more information call (203) 894-2005 or visit EZJunkCT.com.