WILTON — Gov. Ned Lamont’s recent comments that Connecticut schools may not reopen until fall did not surprise Superintendent of Schools Kevin Smith.

“While there is nothing official regarding a closure beyond April 20 [which the governor had ordered], I can’t imagine many people would be surprised by a lengthier closing,” Smith said Wednesday.

In that event, Smith was also asked how students would be graded in light of the distance learning that is now underway. Specifically, he was asked if the district would consider a pass/fail standard as is under discussion in New Canaan.

“We are investigating grading options,” Smith said. “Some type of mastery-based approach would seem to make sense, but we have not made any decision yet.” That, he added, would involve using a rubric that “reflects the extent to which a student has demonstrated competency of a learning standard.”

It could be as simple as “met standard” or “has not met standard,” he said.

“We need to get more feedback from our teachers as they grow more comfortable in a virtual environment,” Smith said.

In New Canaan, Superintendent Bryan Luizzi said district officials are looking into a pass/fail grading system for distance learning by talking with other members of District Reference Group A, to which Wilton belongs. Guidance counselors are also talking to colleges.

“The feedback really has been that the colleges understand what we are going through, they are going to be flexible and receptive to whatever decisions the districts make. They are not going to disadvantage students in their applications because of what is happening,” he said during a board of education meeting that occurred online Monday night.

“For us in the region, what we are doing is talking to each other together and looking for the state to, hopefully, provide some guidance for us,” Luizzi said.

“One of the things we have done, with schools in our DRG and in southern Fairfield County, we have all agreed that prior to a district making a decision, we will sit at a table, or at a Zoom conference, and talk through what we are thinking,” Luizzi said.

DRG A schools include those in Darien, Easton, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton, which are all in Fairfield County, and are the schools Wilton usually compares itself to.

“We have also been talking to districts in New York, because, as you know, it hit there before it hit us. At least one premier district in Westchester County has just gone to pass/fail on their distance learning program,” Luizzi said.

Grace Duffield contributed to this story.