Don't let the parade pass you by

Don’t let the parade pass you by

The parade committee continues working to ensure that no veteran or organization gets left out of the parade. ‘At this point we are hoping for a beautiful day to memorialize our veterans both fallen and living,’ the committee said. ‘It is up to we the living to make sure that their service is never forgotten, that the sacrifices made by so many are passed on from generation to generation.’ All are invited to honor all the services that will be represented in the Memorial Day parade on May 30. Committee members are, from left in front, Pam Brown, Ann Klotz, and Colleen Amero. From left in back are Judd Mott, Bing Ventres, Ray Tobiassen, Bill Glass, Jim Newton, and Jordy Scott. Not pictured are Patty Sweeney, Jeff Turner, and Bud Taylor.