Dog licensing falls behind

Nobody is sounding an alarm, but dog licensing is still incomplete, into the second month following the end of the dog license month of June.
“As of right now, we have issued 1,078 licenses,” said Ann Fiteni, assistant town clerk, on July 27.
“Either people don’t know about it, or people are away, or they just haven’t done it. There are many reasons why they haven’t done it,” Fiteni said.
Yet, it is normal in Wilton for all dog owners to finally license their pets as late as the following May, almost a year behind. As many as 300 licenses will be applied for that late, she said.
Then, a $1 late fee per month as they cross into the new fiscal year is added.
Dog licenses are valid for one year.
The cost to license each dog is $8 if spayed or neutered. The cost is $19 if the dog isn’t altered.
A current rabies certificate is required to receive a dog license. Written proof of spay/neuter is required to receive the discounted price.
State law requires all dogs six months and older to be licensed each year. The law helps ensure that all dogs are current on their rabies vaccination in addition to helping recover lost dogs.
Dog licenses may be obtained at the town clerk’s office at town hall, 238 Danbury Road. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 4:30. License applications may also be sent by mail. For questions, call Wilton Animal Control at 203-563-0150.