Do you know your recycling ABCs?

In the first of a series of recycling initiatives leading up to America Recycles Day on Thursday, Nov. 15, the town of Wilton has released Recycling in Wilton, CT, an online PDF document — available on the Public Works page of the town website, — that explains recycling requirements in town and provides a variety of resources on how residents can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The state has a universal list published by the RecycleCT Foundation on what belongs in the recycling bin and what doesn’t.

Recycling in Wilton, CT provides a link to A Guide to Recycling: What’s In? What’s Out? and introduces the RecycleCT Wizard: Can I Recycle It?, an online tool where users can type in the name of the waste item and will be told how to recycle or dispose of it. Visit to learn more.

Recycling in Wilton, CT also provides a variety of resources and tools to help residents reduce, reuse, and recycle including items, such as:

  • An educational video on why residents should not recycle their plastic bags at home, and should return clean and dry plastic bags to designated collection spots at stores.

  • Links to websites where residents can opt out of receiving junk mail, phone books, and catalogs.

  • List of venues where residents can donate unwanted goods, such as The Turnover Shop, Middlebrook School’s donation bin, and the Goodwill Wilton Donation Station.

  • A list of recyclables that can be returned to retailers.

  • A link to a website where residents can reduce trash by composting food scraps and yard trimmings into compost.  

Recycling is mandated by law in Connecticut — meaning residents, businesses, nonprofits, and all public and private agencies and institutions must recycle.

Wilton practices single-stream recycling, which is a collection system that mixes all recyclable paper fibers and containers together. Residents who have a vehicle sticker may bring recyclables to the Wilton Transfer Station for free. For more information, visit the Wilton Department of Public Works Transfer Station page at