At Monday night's Police Commission meeting, officials applauded the department's "very consuming" detective efforts in the Nick Parisot murder investigation, which culminated with the Aug. 23 arrest of a 17-year-old boy in Placentia, Calif.

The juvenile faces second-degree manslaughter charges in connection with the 2008 fatal off-road motorcycle incident of Nick Parisot, who was 13.

Police Chief Michael Lombardo said the case was "very consuming" and detectives were tenacious in their efforts.

"We were not going to let this case go," he said. "There was just no way. Until we solved it we were going to turn over every rock — everything."

"I don't think we could have had any better timing. I think it came together spectacularly," said Commissioner Weldon.

Mr. Weldon said cooperative work with officers in California was a key in moving the case along.

Commissioner David Waters said while public clamor during the investigation was rooted in concern, there was a lack of understanding of "the massive amount of manpower and effort that goes into all this."

Chief Lombardo said officers brainstormed "practically every day" on the issue, and he especially thanked Lt. Donald Wakeman and detectives who "constantly" took their work home with them in the persistent outreach to California.

Mr. Weldon said the commission is appreciative of actor Charles Grodin's WCBS public safety announcement, which aired Sept. 10, in which he advised parents to help explain to children the consequences of their actions.

The message underscored the fact that developing minds often do not fully comprehend the impact of their actions.

Commissioner Donald Sauvigné applauded the "sensitive handling and accurate reporting" of the news media.

"I was personally pleased to see the outcome of the press," he said. "Their reporting was quite accurate and sensitive to both families."