Demolition permit applied for on Route 7

A demolition permit has been requested for the property that was formerly Young’s Nurseries on Route 7. It is the first sign of development since the Planning and Zoning Commission approved on July 31 a 90-unit assisted-living facility for the 3.8-acre property.

The demolition permit application concerns two barns at 211 Danbury Road.

Cherry Hill Construction was to take possession of the permit in the second week of September if no pertinent written objection was made by that time, through the office of the Wilton Building Inspector, according to a legal advertisement published Aug. 24 in The Bulletin. However, the Historic District & Historic Property Commission issued a 90-day demolition delay for the barns.

At a special  meeting of the commission on Aug. 22, it was noted the Wilton Historical Society is in discussion with Sunrise Senior Living, the property owner, about saving one of the barns, which is historic. The other is not. The historic district commissioners agreed to a delay to allow the talks to proceed.

The commission issued a statement to the building department that the historical society is seeking to save the barn for future reassembly and relocation. While the historic barn has been altered over the years, its timber frame is from the 1800s and possibly earlier. The roof framing is 20th Century.

The property at 211 Danbury Road was previously part of the 26-acre parcel at 213 Danbury Road, purchased in 1920 by Charles Orem with a house dating from about 1875, according to the commission. The land was used for Orem’s dairy farm and for a baseball field where the Wilton Farmers team played.

Philip Kroskin with Sunrise Senior Living said, before he learned of the notice to delay, the company anticipates construction to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, and while it’s too soon to share a projected date for completion, in general, development takes approximately 15 months.