Democrats send email denouncing Preston, candidate expected to talk to voters

The Wilton Democratic Town Committee is asking Wilton voters to circulate an email that highlights the text of tweets it says were sent by Andrea Preston, a Republican candidate for Board of Education in the Nov. 7 municipal election.

Preston is expected to be available to voters on Saturday, Nov. 4, from noon to 1, at Coffee Barn on Route 7. The Bulletin has reached out to her for confirmation but she has not responded.

“We do not intend for this to reflect directly on other Republican candidates,” the email from the Democrats says. “We encourage you to share these concerns with others in Wilton, and to show up and vote on Tuesday, November 7.”

Preston has admitted to posting comments on President Obama and the police killing of Michael Brown:

  • “Michael Brown and others got what was coming to him/them.”

  • “Obama has done absolutely NOTHING to help the black community. In fact he’s made things worse.”

The Democrats’ email says she also made comments in support of the Confederate flag and the wall with Mexico President Trump wants to build, and that history books are written by revisionists.

On a Facebook post Preston wrote, “Anyone who knows me recognizes that I can be passionate about political issues, and in particular, those impacting my community. But regardless of what anyone thinks of my political beliefs, it is misleading and wrong to suggest that a handful of social media posts are a representation of the way I conduct myself as a professional and as a volunteer in Wilton.

“On the contrary, as my colleagues, friends, neighbors, and other supporters have attested throughout this campaign season, I bring a professional and measured approach to my work. As a member of the Wilton community, and when it comes to issues facing Wilton schools, my perspective is that of a professional and a mother of a child in Wilton schools.”

“We hope that Wilton will ask whether this is a person whom we want responsible for addressing the next (unfortunately inevitable) hate event in our schools,” the Democrats’ email continues. “Do the content and manner in which she expresses herself create comfort that she will be a valuable, calming voice the next time there is a swastika painted, racial epithet shouted, or other group targeted? Will people considering a move to Wilton pause before doing so and sending their kids to our schools?

“Most important, will a child who is the victim of a hate crime feel as though the Board of Education ‘has their back’ if this is the sort of representative our town chooses to lead our schools?”

The Wilton Democrats are receiving substantial backing in this issue from the Connecticut Democratic Party, which has unleashed a storm of commentary on Twitter.