Cost of Christmas lighting cannot be determined

Everyone enjoys the town’s colorful display of lighted trees, Christmas lights and decorated lampposts. But it’s a safe bet nobody can put a dollar figure on it.
Both town officials and Eversource, the local power company, said they cannot get a handle on the costs of Christmas for Wilton, or any other town for that matter.
Eversource can’t answer the question because every town’s display is different.
“I have no facts and figures on how much towns spend on holiday displays,” said Mitch Gross, spokesman for the power company.
“Even if we had the facts and figures, we couldn’t share them anyway, because it’s customer information and confidential,” he added.
First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice, who flipped the switch on the lighted tree on the Town Green, also could not answer the question.
“We don’t separately meter the lights on the lampposts or the tree,” Vanderslice said.
The Bulletin asked her how many hours of labor the Department of Public Works provided to prepare the decorations, but that was also not available.
“Nor do we capture labor hours by task,” she said.