WILTON — The coronavirus count in Wilton is up to 200. Statewide, there are 37,419, or 716 new laboratory-confirmed cases, with 14,248 in Fairfield County. There are 210 cases not yet assigned to a municipality.

The number of deaths in the state currently stands at 3,408. The last death count for Wilton was 31. The Wilton Town Clerk is waiting to receive the required report and certificates from Norwalk and other municipalities. The number of cases currently hospitalized in the state has decreased by 57 patients. Hospitalization statewide is 937, with 299 in Fairfield County.

First Selectwoman discussed the official start of Phase 1 of the state’s four-phase plan to reopen, starting Wednesday, May 20, in a message on the town’s website.

“Not surprisingly, I hear from residents with varying views, ranging from the state and the town having gone too far, to the state and the town are not doing enough, and pretty much everything in between. That’s okay. We all need to accept that everyone isn’t going to agree on the approach,” she said.

Restaurants and additional establishments will be opening in a limited manner starting Wednesday, she said, however, not all businesses will be ready then.

“Others, particularly restaurants without prior outside dining, are choosing to wait and see what Phase 2 brings. Please be respectful and understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and continue to support Wilton businesses, no matter their decision,” she said.

Vanderslice answered the following questions from residents:

Will Parks and Recreation be offering camp this summer and childcare in the fall?

Yes. Right now, Parks and Recreation’s number one priority is to help residents get back to work by continuing to provide, and perhaps expand, programming parents have come to rely upon as childcare, whether all-day camp in the summer or after-school care in the fall, where new childcare concerns are likely to develop. We are looking to fill the unmet demand caused by previous childcare options that are currently unable to operate.

Please explain the FY2021 COVID-19 related tax deferment program.

As required by a Governor’s executive order, the Board of Selectmen voted to adopt a 90-day tax deferment program for qualified residents and businesses for FY2021 property taxes, due on July 1, 2020.

To qualify residents must attest and provide third-party documentation that since April 1, 2020 they have either been furloughed without pay, had hours reduced or have become unemployed and that this resulted in a 20% reduction in their income.

Non-profits, businesses and landlords must meet different requirements, which are viewable on a sample application on the state website. The Wilton application will be available prior to July 1. Delinquent FY2020 or prior taxes are not eligible for deferment.