Coronavirus count in Wilton reaches 192, unemployment questions answered

WILTON — The coronavirus count in Wilton is up to 192. Statewide, there are 34,855, or 522 new laboratory-confirmed cases, with 13,636 in Fairfield County. There are 250 cases not yet assigned to a municipality.

The number of deaths in the state has topped 3,000 and currently stands at 3,125. Loss of life in Wilton remains at 31. The number of cases currently hospitalized in the state has decreased by 31 patients. Hospitalization statewide is 1,158, with 372 in Fairfield County.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice answered the following questions in a message on the town’s website:

No one picks up the phone at the Department of Labor (DOL). How can I get help?

The DOL commissioner acknowledged they have been overwhelmed with calls and do not have the staff to handle the call volume. They are in the process of bringing on more personnel. In the meantime, it was advised that residents should call their state senator or representative as they each have a liaison within the DOL. Your state senator is Will Haskell. Your state representative is either Gail Lavielle or Tom O’Dea, though each will assist any Wilton resident.

How do I apply for the “PUA” unemployment benefits if I am self-employed, a 1099 or GiG worker?

You must first apply for regular unemployment benefits. Click on the blue button on

After you are denied, click on the red button on the same page. This will take you to a page with instructions and information, including online assistance. This is a different assistance center than for regular claims. Although this is a different system, the identifying information entered must be exactly the same as the information previously entered for the regular claim as the data is cross-referenced. Any discrepancy will cause the claim to be rejected. You must indicate you are eligible to work unless there is a qualifying circumstance. Benefits will be provided retroactively, including the special $600 per week. You must check in once per week to maintain benefits.

Is there any news about increasing the five-person limit on gathering?

No. No more than five people may congregate at gatherings, including school gatherings and athletic team practices.

Regarding masks, any Wilton resident unable to secure a mask should contact Social Services Director Sarah Heath at or Lt. Dave Hartman at