Coronavirus: Wilton schools, Comstock, library are closed indefinitely

WILTON — Wilton schools will be closed until further notice.

A message on March 11 from the town says officials have been notified that the parents of one or more Wilton Public School students have had direct contact with a potentially presumptive positive COVID-19 patient.

Wilton Health Director Barry Bogle has ordered that:

Wilton Public Schools are closed until further notice.

The Town of Wilton’s Comstock Community Center is closed until further notice.

The Trackside Teen Center is closed until further notice.

(Westport schools announced they were closed, citing information that parents and students had come into contact with a person presumed to be positive for coronavirus.)

Our Lady of Fatima has not been ordered to close, but Principal Stanley Steele said the school will be closed March 12-13. He said the school will stay in touch with the health department regarding any future developments.

The Montessori School has announced on its website it will also be closed March 12-13.

Wilton Library was advised to close as of 2:45 p.m. March 11, until further notice.

The Wilton Family Y announced it will close as of 5 p.m., March 11, until further notice.

The Wilton Historical Society has opted to close until further notice.

The schools had already suspended all sport and other after-school activities and that will continue until further notice.

Parents were notified to immediately make arrangements to pick up their children from after-school care at the schools and the Comstock Community Center. Children were allowed to remain at the library until their parents or caregivers could pick them up.

Parents are being asked to keep their children home, check their temperatures two times a day and call their doctor if they show any sign of fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

Early release day

As it happened, March 11 was originally planned as an early release day for professional development, so children were already on their way home when the order to close the schools was made.

With COVID-19 becoming an increasing concern, Superintendent of Schools Kevin Smith said teachers and administrators have been working on a plan for students to continue learning at home.

“We won’t implement it tomorrow,” he said, adding Thursday and Friday will be treated as regular school closings.

The younger students — Pre-K-2— have “go-kits” with material on a variety of subjects they can work on at home. Teachers will post projects and activities online.

Children in the upper grades have electronic devices and their teachers will communicate through Google Classroom, Smith said.

“We still have to nail down the A.P. classes,” he said, adding that the tests are scheduled for May. “We need more time to manage that.”

While the schools are closed, the buildings and buses will undergo deep cleaning.