Conservatory of Dance opens 21st season

The Conservatory of Dance on Main Street in Georgetown began its 21st season with a free princess dance party recently attended by 30 girls in pink leotards and skirts and a variety of costumes. During the course of the day, the girls picked out princess dress-up clothes supplied by the school and danced with conservatory ballerinas Kailey Titus and Isabella Segall. One participant, Alexa Kemmer, won a free princess birthday party.

In celebration of the school's 20th season last year, a new ballet company was formed allowing dancers to perform in several different venues including their first Storybook Nutcracker at the Wilton Playshop. The tradition will continue this year with a second annual holiday production Dec. 1-2, at the Wilton Playshop.

The Conservatory of Dance also participated in community giving. Every year gently used dance clothes and shoes are gathered and sent to a dance school in Bridgeport. Last year the school raised money for the Open Door Shelter in Norwalk.

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