Connecticut branch lines resume service Monday

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced late Friday that all but the New Canaan branch lines would regain service on Monday. New Canaan train service will be replaced with buses on Monday and Tuesday, possibly longer.

Rail service on the Danbury and Waterbury branch lines of the New Haven Line will resume Monday, Nov. 5, according to Mr. Malloy and Metro-North. Bus service will be provided on the New Canaan branch line at least on Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 5-6.

"There was a tremendous amount of debris-clearing and other work required to get the branch lines back in service, and I want to commend the Metro-North forces for their quick and thorough response to this crisis so that we can resume branch-line service," Mr. Malloy said in a press release. "The New Haven Line is the busiest in the country and is a unique lifeline in keeping our economy moving."

Full service on the main New Haven Line between New Haven and Grand Central Terminal in New York resumed Friday, Nov. 2, with about 15,000 riders in the morning rush, representing about half of the daily weekday ridership. Those numbers are expected to gradually return to normal levels in the coming weeks. The New Haven Line is operated by Metro-North but owned by the Connecticut.

Service was free on Thursday and Friday. A 5 o'clock train out of South Norwalk had many more open seats than normal for that hour on Friday. But the information signs at the station in all caps noted NO FARE today. The train was five minutes late. Things are starting to get back to normal.