Concern raised over Wilton Heights’ impact on Wilton Center

Although the Planning and Zoning Commission’s public hearing on Wilton Heights, LLC’s special permit application was continued to Monday, Dec. 10, members of the public were still invited to speak on the application at the commission’s Nov. 26 meeting.

Salem Road resident Rhoda Dix took the opportunity to express her thoughts on the proposal to redevelop properties at 300 Danbury Road and several on Whitewood Lane with mixed-use buildings consisting of retail space and residential units.

Dix — a longtime Wilton resident with a “vested interest in the town” — said she is “all for new development in Wilton,” but worries the proposed development at 300 Danbury Road will overshadow Wilton Center.

“We do need development, but we need that kind of development in the village if we want to keep the village as is,” she said.

Dix said the proposed development “looks nice,” but she thinks it would be better in Wilton Center.

“If you go through Wilton Center now, you see far too many vacancies … Why not develop something in one of the buildings already in town? ” said Dix, adding that mixed use properties in Wilton Center would be “a great idea.”

When it comes to new development like Wilton Heights, LLC is proposing, Dix said, the town should think about the effects on the center of town.

“What are our visions when we have developments like this across the road?” she said.

“I think it’s beautiful; I’m not against it, [but] what's going to happen to our real town center? Do we have a vision of moving Wilton Center across the road [to 300 Danbury Road]?”

Planning and Zoning Commission Chair Scott Lawrence said that’s been something the commission has been discussing and debating, and it will be “a discussion point” later on in the Wilton Heights, LLC special permit application process.

The continuation of the public hearing on Wilton Heights, LLC’s application on Dec. 10 will take place in Room A of the town hall annex beginning at 7:15 p.m.