The sounds of construction have been very apparent outside Comstock Community Center, where a crew is working on the long-awaited roof project.

“We’re excited,” Wilton Parks and Recreation Director Steve Pierce said. “The current roof is from 1988 and was resealed eight years ago.”

Mr. Pierce said the roof was leaking in recent years and the town had considered either renovating Comstock or rebuilding it.

“The economy impacted that decision ultimately,” he said.

Turner Construction is the contractor on the project, which it is doing in conjunction with the recently completed roof at Middlebrook School. The two projects were expected to cost $1,993,436, according to the accepted bid given by Turner.

The roofing projects could not take place when students were present. The state Department of Health requires children not be in the vicinity due to asbestos. There had been asbestos mitigation in the roof drains.

As a result, the Middlebrook project proceeded while school was not in session.

Comstock Community Center is home to the Parks and Recreation Department and many of its program as well as Wilton Social Services Department, Wilton Youth Services, Wilton Senior Center and the food pantry. None have been disrupted due to the work.

Comstock did house the children’s program On School Road, which has been discontinued, and one of the former classrooms has been transformed into a command center with a computer and a desk, as well a roofing materials.

Outside the building, access to roof could be made via a ladder where a team of workers proceeded with the project.

First Selectman Bill Brennan has been pleased with the progress.

“We took care of some abatement problems,” he said, prior to the beginning of construction. All of the materials have been delivered.”

Inside the building, activity goes on as normal. In fact, the noise from the work is minimal.

“The impact in the building has been minimal,” Mr. Pierce said.

The new roof, Mr. Pierce added, should last 20 years.

Barring any issues, it is expected the roof will be finished by the end of this month.

“They have to watch the weather carefully,” Mr. Brennan said. “They are making good progress.”

“It’s taken a long time, but we will be happy to have it completed,” Mr. Pierce said.