Community cleanup is Saturday

Spring cleaning conjures up images of shaking the dust out of carpets, washing windows, and picking up fallen limbs from winter storms. In general, sprucing up around the house.
But the town needs a little sprucing up, too. It’s time for all the roadside, streamside and other scattered clumps of litter and general debris to go, and the Wilton Conservation Commission invites the community to get involved by participating in the annual Town Wide Community Cleanup on Saturday, April 23, from 9 to noon.
For the past three years about 60 people have consistently gathered at the gazebo in Wilton Center to collect garbage bags and work gloves. From there they spread out around town to pick up litter along roadsides and the banks of the Norwalk River.

Each year volunteers fill an entire Dumpster with the litter they collect in just three hours. All sorts of things are found, but one year some lucky participants found money.
Individuals and organizations are encouraged to gather at the Town Green on April 23 and choose from a list of sites that are in dire need of attention. Wilton’s largest watercourse, the Norwalk River, is always a prime cleanup site as litter accumulates along its banks. Members from Trout Unlimited will be at Merwin Meadows cleaning up and supervising the release of trout into the river.
Volunteers can replenish their energy with a free slice of cheese pizza donated by Pinocchio Pizza.
Anyone interested in volunteering or organizing a group of volunteers may call the Conservation Commission office at 203-563-0180 for further information or just stop by the Town Green at 9 on Saturday.