Commission approves new historical society signs

During a special meeting on July 10, the Historic District and Historic Property Commission unanimously approved a certificate of appropriateness (COA) request from the Wilton Historical Society for the placement of new signs on each structure in its 224 Danbury Road complex.

These certificates are required for exterior work to buildings in historic districts that may be visible from public streets, places or ways, according to the Local Historic District and Property Commissions in Connecticut. The Wilton Historical Society is in Wilton’s fifth historic district.

The society’s request was approved because the impact of the signs was deemed “minor” by the historic commission.

During the special meeting, Yale School of Art graphic designer Pamela Hovland shared prototypes of the aluminum signs that would be installed at the historical society complex. The color of the signs would match paint finishes on each building.

“The signs will be a lovely addition to the complex and a logical extension of the main signs I designed a few years ago,” Hovland told The Bulletin. “I am now in the process of securing final text from the society, refining the sign sizes, typography and related details, and securing estimates for fabrication and installation.”

This, she said, will “take some time.”