Wilton resident Eleanor Sasso has one goal she is trying to impress upon the Economic Development Commission.

“My goal being to make Wilton an enchanted setting to attract more business to our treasured merchants, and to make Christmas a part of the true ‘inclusivity’ and spirit that we want in our town,” she said, following a meeting of the commission on April 18. There she presented her ideas for decorating the town center during the holiday season with previously purchased and privately funded decorations.

She calls her small group Enlighten Wilton.

“At the Dec. 17, 2017, Board of Selectmen meeting, our group spoke of our concerns and our thoughts for enhancement of Christmas ’18 going forward. We insisted that the lights be turned on on town hall trees and they were,” Sasso said in an email when asked about her appearance before the commission.

“Several of us signed on to be on a town decorating committee going forward. I am the only one remaining that I know of that has remained actively involved with gathering décor ideas and presenting them to the recently formed décor committee of the EDC,” she said.

Her immediate plans are to:

  • Visit with Ridgefield and Westport decorating committee leaders to gather more information on their successful Christmas season décor.

  • Explore a potential merchants association concept for Wilton.

  • Present cost figures and viability of expanded LED lighting on trees in town to the EDC.

  • Locate stored old “Joy” banners and red and green bows and propose that they be used for Christmas 2018.

The blue-and-white banners used this past season can be used as well in an area yet to be determined, she said.

She explained the history of the movement. In December 2017, a number of people were unhappy with the blue-and-white snowflake banners that replaced the red-and-green Joy banners in 2016. In addition, the lights on town hall trees were not lit.

“We formed the Wilton Carolers and met twice in December to sing Christmas and lay carols throughout town,” she said. “I began a Messenger group so we could formulate our collective thoughts going forward.”

The core group leaders held a meeting to discuss plans to bring a more festive spirit back to town with enhanced lighting and traditional décor. Enlighten Wilton was formed, she said.

Vivian Lee-Shiue, chairwoman of the Economic Development Commission, said at the meeting that the project is in line with its community outreach and goodwill efforts and commission members agreed they can help with the proposal.

The next step is for the Enlighten Wilton committee to bring more details of the logistics and additional costs involved, she said.