Children’s Library initiative promotes kindness

If you’ve been to Wilton Library’s Children’s Library recently, you may have noticed a jar filled with colorful slips of paper on the reference desk.

That is the Random Acts of Kindness jar — a new initiative designed to encourage kindness in the community.

“We wanted to have a way to engage the community by encouraging acts of kindness,” said Andrea Szabo, manager of the Children’s Library.

“With all that is happening outside and inside our community, we thought that we could step up in a small way to provide people with ideas on how they too can be kind and make a difference.”

Each piece of paper in the jar contains a kind task to perform. Each time a person completes a task, he or she is invited place a ribbon on the Kindness Wreath hanging  behind the reference desk.

The idea for the jar came from Children’s Library staffers Lesley Keogh and Kathy Pickle. The two also came up with the tasks in the jar.

“We started with 200 suggestions and we have gone through about 50 so far,” Szabo told The Bulletin on Monday.

“Twenty-eight people have completed acts of kindness and tied ribbons on the kindness wreath.”

Once the wreath is full of colorful ribbons, Szabo said, “we may move it to showcase it by the circulation desk.”

The Random Acts of Kindness jar was placed Nov. 13, said Szabo, and the plan is to keep it there “indefinitely.”