Cannondale recalls more than 11,000 bicycles

Cannondale has recalled more than 11,000 of its CAADX cyclocross bicycles, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Cannondale. The recall, which was issued July 25, comes after several several reports of injuries —including one death — stemming from incidents in which the bicycle’s fork fractured.

The model years affected are 2013-2016. About 9,700 bicycles were sold in the U.S. with an additional 1,900 sold in Canada.

Cannondale said it and other independent parties conducted extensive testing and found no defect, but given the circumstances, it will provide free, upgraded replacement forks available through the safety commission’s voluntary recall process.

Owners may confirm if their bicycle is affected by the recall by checking to see if it has all the following features as shown in the pictures:

 A prominent CAADX marking on the top tube or other tube.

 Disc brakes.

 A large “ULTRAX” marking on the inside of the fork leg.

 A black plastic cable running to the front disc brake that is outside of the fork blade (not internally routed within the fork blade).

Cannondale dealers will arrange for free replacement forks.

The company also encourages its customers to read their owner’s manual for warnings as well as taking into account the industry standard warning of “A crash or other impact can put extraordinary stress on bicycle components, causing them to fatigue prematurely. Components suffering from stress fatigue can fail suddenly and catastrophically, causing loss of control, serious injury or death.”

To find a local dealer, call 844-370-1536 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays or email

Cannondale, which is headquartered in South Wilton, sells several models of the CAADX, ranging in price from $1,350 to $2,150, according to its website,

Cannondale started out as an outdoor gear company in the Cannondale section of Wilton. Eventually it moved to Bethel, but was persuaded to stay in Connecticut and move back to Wilton when it received a $3-million state loan in 2013.

The company’s headquarters at iPark on Danbury Road features a 51,000-square-foot building with design elements to facilitate bicycle research, development, engineering, and marketing.

Cannondale’s parent company is Dorel Industries.