Cannon Grange Fair: Best of Show announced

Another year, another successful Cannon Grange Fair.

Offering everything from friendly oversized bunnies (for petting), to goat’s milk soaps, the 82-year-old annual fair delighted young children and their parents alike with games, shopping, and tasty treats from vendors like the Wilton favorite College Creamery ice cream truck.

The Cannon Grange awarded Best of Show prizes in nine categories, and prizes in special contests: The Perpetual Trophy and the Association of Connecticut Fairs Baking Contests for adults, and juniors.

The following divisions produced best-of-show winners:

  • Baking — Amy Collins, of Black Alder Lane, for an un-cut loaf of bread.
  • Hand-crafts — Maddy McCaghney, 13, of Nod Hill Road for jewelry.
  • Veggies & fruits — Andy Pforzheimer, of Hurlbutt Street, for celeriac.
  • Flowers — Jeff Norris, of Ridgefield, for dahlias.
  • Sewing & needlework — Lauren Saumler, of Henry Austin Drive, for a hand-knitted hat.
  • Fowl — Cosette Lepore, of Saddle Ridge Road, for a single chicken.
  • Rabbits — Samantha Kreter, of Linden Tree Road, for a lop-ear rabbit.
  • Photography — Carol Dombrowski, of Norwalk, for an image of two swans-a-swimming.
  • Eggs — Caroline Mahoney, of Old Huckleberry Road, for three chicken eggs.

Special prizes were also given in the following categories:

  • Cannon Grange Perpetual Trophy — Joyce Barrett, of Old Highway, for an Irish Soda Bread recipe.
  • Association of Connecticut Fairs Baking Contest (adult) — Amy Collins for a designated recipe for citrus chiffon cake.
  • Association of Connecticut Fairs Baking Contest (junior) — Gavin Lepore, 9, for a designated recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies.
  • Association of Connecticut Fairs Baking Contest (two-crust apple pie) — Peter Stumpf, 18, of Norwalk.