Hands Off Our Schools announced on Thursday, July 11, it recorded more than $25,000 in donation in the second quarter. These donations, the organization said, reflect a growing movement in favor of local control of Connecticut’s schools.

The movement galvanized communities to work to stop three bills from becoming law that promoted forced regionalization of school districts. Two were sponsored by senior members of the legislative majority and one was sponsored by Gov. Ned Lamont.

They “would have hurt our towns, schools, and kids by forcibly collectivizing our schools under the control of a new regional level of unaccountable government,” the organization said in a press release.

“Our 10,000 members plan to be ready if our schools are again in the next legislative session,” the press release said. “This movement includes parents, teachers, and other supporters interested in protecting our towns’ autonomy, our schools’ excellence, and our children’s future.”

Hundreds of Hands Off Our Schools members spoke at public hearings on the bills and thousands submitted written testimony in opposition. The group continues to raise money to spread its mesage that families oppose forced regionalization.

“It is a small victory that their specific bills were stopped,” the group said. “It is a larger problem that the same people have total control of Connecticut’s state government, which allows them to bring back similar proposals at any time.”

Hands Off Our Schools is a statewide, non-partisan movement that advocates for local decision-making in education for all school districts within Connecticut. Information: handsoffourschools.org