Want to know every time a rare bird is spotted in the state? Who wouldn’t?

To appease this need, the Connecticut Audubon launched its Rare Bird Alert, a new free service that lets users know when a rarity is seen. When people sign up for the service, they will receive alerts via text message (the Audubon estimates there will be one or two a month on average). Interested bird lovers can also text BIRD ALERT to 52886 to sign up.

“Our members and supporters are out looking for birds year-round. Our staff experts are in almost constant touch with the best birders in the region,” read a news release from the Audubon. “When they find something, or get word of a great find, you'll hear about it.”

The service launched on Sunday and seemed to be an early success. According to the Connecticut Audubon Twitter page, more than 180 people in its first hour.