WILTON — Incidents of the coronavirus continue to climb in Wilton, with five new cases reported on Oct. 30. In addition, Superintendent of Schools Kevin Smith reported that he learned Friday evening several Wilton student athletes had been exposed to an athlete from a neighboring community who tested positive for COVID-19. School operations will not be affected, he said.

Smith said the district has conducted contact tracing and after consulting with Health Director Barry Bogle, those affected will be quarantined and on remote learning or self-monitoring for 14 days. Smith did not indicated how many students were affected or what sport they played.

Wilton has now recorded 13 COVID-19 cases in a period of 48 hours, after eight cases were reported on Oct. 29.

There were 43 cases of COVID-19 reported in Wilton from Oct. 1 through Oct. 30, more than double since last month, when Wilton had 16 reported cases for the entire month of September.

Wilton remains on “Yellow Alert” by the state, which designates towns with five to nine daily cases per 100,000 population as yellow.

There have been a total of 307 reported cases of COVID in Wilton, 100 additional since June 16, and 107 since May 19. The town has a total of 42 reported COVID-related deaths.

Statewide, as of Oct. 30, there have been 71,207 total reported cases of COVID-19, with 329 patients currently hospitalized for the virus, and 4,616 total deaths.

Jeannette Ross contributed to this story.