COVID-19 cases rise in Wilton

Earlier this year, a sign reminded people to

Earlier this year, a sign reminded people to “keep their distance” and stay safe from coming down with COVID-19. Cases are gradually creeping back up, with four new cases reported as of Oct. 1.

Bryan Haeffele / Hearst Connecticut Media

WILTON — The town has seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases as seven new illnesses have been identified in the last seven days, according to a report issued on June 29 by First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice. The state Department of Public Health has not provided the Wilton Department of Health with the names of all those affected, but there may be more cases reported over the next few days, she said.

It is possible the state’s reopening of businesses and loosening of restrictions on public and private gatherings may have given people a false sense of security, but those guidelines have been based on the wearing of face masks and continued social distancing.

“There are plenty of examples of how quickly Coronavirus spread this winter at gatherings, such as weddings, birthday parties and sporting events. Attending a gathering now, without social distancing or the use of a face covering, puts you at greater risk,” Vanderslice said.

She reminded residents that if they travel back from one of the state’s covered by Connecticut’s travel advisory — at present Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah — they are required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Likewise, if residents host visitors from any of these states, they must quarantine in “your home away from you and your family members.”

Since the start of Phase 2 reopening on June 17, Connecticut residents aged 20 to 29 have accounted for almost a quarter of new cases, more than double the percentage of cases before the reopening began. Those 10 to 19 years old have seen the percentage of cases in that age group more than triple in the same amount of time.

As of June 28, there have been 214 cases of COVID-19 in Wilton. Seven of those have been identified since June 16. Fourteen have been identified since May 19, when the state began to reopen.

There have been 41 deaths, four having occurred since May 19. There have been no new deaths reported since June 16.

In Fairfield County, hospitalizations are down to 32; statewide hospitalizations stand at 99. This is the first time hospitalizations have fallen below 100 since March 24, according to Gov. Ned Lamont. They reached a high of 1,971 on April 24.

The state has suffered 4, 320 deaths.

Wilton residents who have tested positive and have not been contacted by the town are asked to email Health Director at