CL&P says it’s prepared for Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy strengthening in the Caribbean and forecasted to impact Connecticut early next week, Connecticut Light & Power has activated its emergency response plan, opened its Emergency Operations Center, and is making preparations for storm damage and restoration.

“We’re closely monitoring weather forecasts and preparing for high winds and heavy rain that can devastate the electric system and cause power outages,” Bill Quinlan, CL&P senior vice president of emergency preparedness, said in a press release issued Thursday afternoon. “The past year has been all about improving storm response, and we stand ready to respond as quickly and safely as possible. While we hope for the best, we all need to prepare for the worst.”

Customers can prepare by assembling a storm kit and making arrangements to look out for their families, friends and neighbors.

CL&P’s “Shopping for a Storm Kit” video on YouTube  highlights the contents of a storm kit, including:

• Flashlights with spare batteries

• A battery-operated radio or TV

• First-aid kit and medications

• Canned, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods

• A manual can opener

• Bottled water

• Baby or pet supplies (if needed)

• Important phone numbers

Customers who are dependent on electricity for critical medical needs are urged to make preparations now to switch to a backup source or move to an alternate location if necessary.

Staying informed

CL&P will continue to be in close contact with town, state, and emergency management officials over the next few days to make sure all of our efforts are coordinated for a community-wide response.

For information on statewide response, visit Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security at The Connecticut American Red Cross, one of CL&P’s partners in emergency preparedness, provides helpful information and resources at