Buying organic

Although it is not in the top 10 states for organic sales, Connecticut’s 59 certified organic farms racked up $4.7 million in sales of organic products in 2015, up 27% from $3.7 million the previous year.
The Northeastern Region Organic Report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows the following 2015 sales of organic products in the rest of New England: Maine — 476 organic farms sold $47.8 million, down 12%; Massachusetts — 130 organic farms sold $30.5 million; up 23%; New Hampshire — 106 organic farms sold $18.7 million, down 10%; Rhode Island — 19 organic farms sold $474,000, down 47%.
Vermont was not included in the report, although it has more than 500 certified organic farms according to a USDA map.
Not surprisingly, California was the top state with $2.4 billion in certified organic product sales last year. It was followed by Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin, New York, Texas, Michigan, Colorado, and Arizona. Combined, they accounted for 78% of U.S. certified organic sales. There are 12,818 certified organic farms in the U.S. They sold a total of $6.2 billion in organic products in 2015, up 13% from $5.5 billion in 2014.