Bulletin website: A new look

Visitors to The Bulletin’s website will surely note things have changed. While change is often hard, we hope you will find our new site to be an improvement.

The new site has many new features, including a faster load time, better viewing on mobile devices, and more flexibility for page design, and it is fully compatible with all modern Web browsers. All of this makes for a better user experience, and makes it easier for us to get you the news you want when you need it.

The new site has bigger, bolder graphics, a more prominent sports section, and more visibility for police, school, and community-oriented stories as well as obituaries. And stories from our Arts & Leisure section are easily found. Listening to HAN Network’s broadcast news stories and sports programming is as simple as always. Just click on the window on the upper right-hand side of the homepage.

Do you need to contact one of us directly? Just click on “Help” on the toolbar and you will find our contact information. Want to send us a press release, wedding or birth announcement, or some other type of news? Also under “Help” is an online submission form, but you may also send your letters and announcements directly via email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.

While a high volume of material from our previous website — including all obituaries — was carried over to the new site, not everything made it. The previous site is still available — just click on Wilton Bulletin Archive to access it.

As ever, our new site allows you to sign up for our email newsletter and news alerts, and subscribe to our print newspaper and the e-edition of the printed paper.

No doubt there will be a few growing pains, but we hope to serve you well through The Bulletin’s new website.