UPDATE Aug. 2 — WILTON — A second bear sighting in three days was reported to the Bulletin, the latest by Susan and David Graybill during the late afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 1.

According to Susan Graybill, she and her husband David were sitting on their screened-in porch around 5 p.m. when “a black bear walked into our backyard and sniffed the birdfeeder before pulling it down to the ground. After nosing the birdseed, it ambled off next door where Old Kings Highway passes by Montville Drive, around the corner from New Canaan Road.”

After her husband got contact information for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, which encourages people to report bear sightings, Susan entered the information, and then, concerned the bear was in the neighborhood, decided to call the police again.

“The gentleman assured me that bear sightings are common, even in South Wilton, and not to be worried,” she said.

“I thought we were too close to highways to be concerned. Evidently not.”

July 31, 2020 — Gretchen DiMattia sent in this photo of a black bear who visited her home on Marvin Ridge Place Thursday evening, July 30, at about 7 p.m.

“He pulled our bird feeder down,” she said, adding, “cute little bear, however still something to be concerned about.”

According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection there have been an “unprecedented numbers of complaints and requests for assistance” between Connecticut residents and black bears this year. There have even been numerous instances of bears entering peoples’ homes.

Information on how to prevent encounters with black bears is available on DEEP web page at ct.gov.

Because bears are attracted to garbage, pet food, compost piles, fruit trees, and bird feeders, the agency encourages people to remove bird feeders and bird food from late March through November.

Also, eliminate food attractants by placing garbage cans inside a garage or shed. Add ammonia to trash to make it unpalatable.

Clean and store grills in a garage or shed after use, but leave propane cylinders outside.

Bears that become accustomed to finding food near a home may become “problem” bears.