Autumn colors should be splendid

Get your cameras and your paint sets ready — Wilton’s autumn colors will be as vibrant this year as one would expect from an artist’s palette.

That’s the promise from Gary Lessor, chief meteorologist at the Western Connecticut State University Weather Center in Danbury, who said the many cooling rains the Wilton area has enjoyed this summer, compared to the drought last year, will mean trees show their maximum colors when the time is right.

“Last year we had muted fall colors because of the drought but this year we will have bright red, bright orange, bright yellow. It should be one of the best foliages in years. Mother Nature by herself should put on a great show,” Lessor said.

Wilton residents will have to wait longer for the peak in fall foliage to come, though. Look for it around Halloween, the end of the month, rather than around the second week of October as usual.

The delay is caused by the long months of hot and humid weather over the summer.

The only thing that could put a dent in the foliage expectations is a storm, Lessor said, but he doesn’t see that in the forecast.

A vibrant fall leaf season is considered to be good for the economy. It encourages people to travel on weekends to enjoy the views, and visit shops, stores, roadside stands and restaurants along the way.