Attend or be arrested

Before Wilton had its own charter, it was governed in some ways by a certain set of special acts, handed down by the state of Connecticut in 1915.

One of the acts required the town of Wilton to create its own Board of Finance. That board is still around, but it’s attendance policy has changed quite a bit.

Back in 1915, if the Board of Finance couldn’t achieve the required quorum for a regular session, the chairman of the Board of Finance could call the Fairfield County sheriff or a local constable and have his fellow board members arrested and brought to the meeting room.

“Whenever any meeting of the Board has been regularly called and no quorum shall be present,” the act reads, “the chairman … may issue a warrant … to the sheriff of the county of Fairfield, his deputy, or any constable of the Town of Wilton, to arrest and bring into such meeting a sufficient number … to constitute a quorum.”

The times have certainly changed.