Are you wondering whether you're cold?

Yes, you may feel cold, but think how cold you’d be if you were among the early settlers in Wilton. Life was not always as Currier & Ives depicted.

Early New Englanders experienced frigid winter temperatures not only outside, but inside their homes as well.

Until the arrival of central heating in the late 19th Century, houses were often iceboxes in winter. It was not unusual to have the water in the house turn to ice overnight and to have snow leak through windows and stay frozen on the floor. Frostbite was a problem not only outside, but indoors, where bedroom temperatures could approach zero. And let’s not even think of what outhouses were like.

So as your nose and fingers tingle and your breath freezes in front of you when you leave your well-heated home, take a moment to remember those hardy people who came before us and who knew few comforts at this time of year.