Apple a day

Apples should be up, peaches likely down. That’s the New England crop forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s New England field office.
The good news for apple fanciers is that Connecticut’s apple production is forecast at 26.5 million pounds, up 33% from last year. This is the largest percentage increase in New England. The other states stack up as follows:

  • Maine — 42 million pounds, up 11%;

  • Massachusetts — 47.1 million pounds, up 9%;

  • New Hampshire — 20.8 million pounds, up 23%;

  • Rhode Island — 2.3 million pounds, up 28%;

  • Vermont — 30.6 million pounds, up 4%.

The picture is not so rosy for Connecticut peach production. The state’s peach producers are expected to harvest 1,600 tons of peaches this year, down 10% from 2014. Massachusetts, on the other hand, expects to harvest 1,800 tons of peaches, up 44% from last year.