Apartments in works for office buildings in Wilton

Photo of J.D. Freda

WILTON — Two Danbury Road office buildings might transform into small-scale housing options as the town pushes for more multifamily units.

Officials are considering converting two of the buildings into multifamily housing at 523-529 Danbury Road, a seven-acre property. It would offer nine apartments.

The goal is to “adaptively reuse two of the three buildings currently used as office buildings and create residential units in them for a total of nine units across the two buildings,” attorney Liz Suchy said at the recent Architectural Review Board meeting.

One, two and three-bedroom units are being discussed for the two buildings.

The property’s rear building, 529 Danbury Road, previously served as an office for the Girl Scouts of America. That building and 523 Danbury Road, the building with frontage on the street, will undergo use changes, according to the plans.

The other buildings will not change use, meaning 525 Danbury Road, which houses Bone and Bark Inn, will remain retail and 527 Danbury Road will remain an office building. Despite this, the site will still need to undergo septic tank changes in the rear of the property, according to Thomas Quinn of the proposal team. Quinn and the team are currently in talks with the town’s health department.

Both buildings will use private external entrances for each unit. There will be no shared entrance.

The ARB made a number of recommendations for the project, including reducing light pole height in the parking lot from 10 feet to eight feet, and reducing the number of light poles in general.

The review board will hear from the proposal team again to approve changes to their requests before the project can move on to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The board has received the project favorably thus far, having commended it at both the July 7 and Aug. 4 meetings.

The property abuts another that the ARB has been discussing in recent weeks: a plot of land discussed for a new chapter of the Church of Latter-day Saints.