Another swastika has been found at Wilton High

Wilton police reported today, Sept. 26, at 2:20 p.m. that high school officials have discovered another swastika etched into the wall in one of the school’s bathrooms.

“It was discovered on Tuesday evening and reported to the Wilton Police Department on Wednesday,” Capt. John Lynch said.

No more information is available at this time, police say.

Previous incident

Last week, police arrested a student who etched a swastika into a locker at Wilton High School. That piece of graffiti was found two weeks ago, on Sept. 8.

The student, who was not named, is 15 and turned himself in to police on a juvenile arrest warrant. Wilton police reported he was released to his parent and will appear in juvenile court.

He was arrested on three counts:

•Intimidation based on bigotry/bias 53a-181L, a Class A misdemeanor

•Breach of Peace 53a-181, a Class B misdemeanor

•Criminal Mischief in the 3rd degree 53a-117, a Class B misdemeanor.

A Class A misdemeanor is more serious than a Class B misdemeanor.

The incident was investigated by Student Resource Officer Rich Ross.

When school administrators first discovered the student responsible he did not give a “clear or good” reason for his actions, Wilton High School Principal Robert O’Donnell told the Board of Education at its meeting Sept. 11.

He also said, “It was a student who acted alone — certainly a sentiment that’s not indicative of our students or our school climate.”