Annual meeting marks 75 years

Nearly 100 people gathered at the Wilton Historical Society Thursday, June 13, for its 75th annual meeting. Members discussed the highlights and progress of the museum over the past year and enjoyed a potluck dinner, consisting of dishes from as early as the 18th Century to the present day.

President Greg Chann led a brief business meeting and introduced new trustees Tracy Flannery, Donna Harakas and Helen Stauderman.

Joan Starr is the new vice president of collections management, Gregory Rodiger is the new vice president of finance and Robert Kelso is the new treasurer. Mr. Chann also conveyed special thanks to Lynda Campbell and Kelly Lash, trustees who completed their terms.

Leslie Nolan, director of the historical society, discussed many successful initiatives from the past year, including:

• Formation of the High School Historical Society Advisory group (HSHSA), a group of high school students who work with museum staff to develop and run new events;

• Fiber Fridays, an opportunity for people to enjoy each other’s company while stitching, weaving, or knitting;

• Open House Family Day, an event that had been run in years past and was brought back, during which the society opened its doors to community members to engage in a variety of activities.

Following dinner, former first selectman and emeritus trustee Bob Russell spoke about the “five things you must know about the history of the Wilton Historical Society.” This provided an interesting look at how the historical society operated in its early days and how its mission has transitioned to present day. The theme of the night was a reflection on the 75th anniversary of the society and looking ahead into the future.