Anna Raimondi: Spiritual ‘conduit’ will access divine realm

There was never a time in Wiltonian and medium-clairvoyant Anna Raimondi’s life when she did not feel connected to the most spiritual aspects of the universe.

“I’ve always been doing this. I cannot remember ever not doing it,” she told The Bulletin on Friday. “I didn’t wake up one day when I was 25 years old and say, ‘I’m a spiritual conduit.’ I was born this way, and I was very fortunate because my parents didn’t minimize it. They let me do what I had to do, and say what I had to say.”

On Thursday, Oct. 17, Ms. Raimondi will share her insight into the “divine realm” at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Her presentation, she said, will give those in the audience the ability to heal their body and soul through meditation and spiritual readings.

“First I will be conducting a guided meditation so people can connect on their own and communicate with spirits. Then do a reading where I will connect people to their loved ones on the other side,” she said.

For those interested in attending, Ms. Raimondi suggested participants prepare for the lecture by opening their minds to the emotions and ideas that may come through to them during that time.

“They need to be open in terms of what is going to come in,” she said. “I’m a conduit who brings peace to people through the divine realm. They should be completely open to any message they need to hear to help them heal. This is all about the process of healing, which is different for every person. Everyone has different needs. Everyone that comes in is looking for something a little different.”

In addition to being a medium, Ms. Raimondi uses her understanding of “the other side,” to bring relief and healing through a number of methods. In addition to being widely regarded as a clairvoyant medium, she is skilled in hypnotherapy, grief counseling, shamanic facilitation, and reiki and chios.

An understanding of reiki and chios, she said, allows her to assist men and women in the healing process by helping them find a physical and spiritual balance of their chakras or energy field.

“When the chakras are balanced, we are healthier physically and mentally,” she said. “When they are unbalanced, we have issues with other parts of our body. We might get a heart ache or something else. They are actually in color. When I am looking at someone’s body, I can feel and see the issue.”

Overall, Ms. Raimondi said, her philosophy on spirituality revolves around a fundamental sense of duty to others.

“I think that the reason we are all here is to heal ourselves and each other by loving each other. If we stay true to our souls, we are staying true to the divine laws that connect us all. The biggest crime against mankind is to hurt another human being intentionally,” she said.

With her work, the medium said, she hopes she can help connect loved ones to those who are “on the other side,” because they often have the best interest of their living friends in mind.

“You can recognize that the beautiful realm of love can never die. When someone passes on, that love continues. They love us so much, they want us to get it right,” she said. “They want us to stay out of the go, and to stay in the spirit. Healing of the body happens on the physical and spiritual level.”

Tickets for the Ridgefield Playhouse show are $75 for a gold circle meet and greet, $50 for the orchestra, and $45 for the mezzanine and balcony. For tickets, call the box office at 203-438-5795 or visit