Ambler Farm offers organic transplants

The arrival of spring has brought with it the Ambler Farm transplant sale.

Through its Seedlings to Order program, the farm is offering several varieties of 25 vegetable types. However, some will be grown only if they are ordered in advance.

“For example,” a press release from the farm says, “we plan to grow 19 varieties of tomatoes at the farm this summer, but there will be 60 varieties from which you can choose for your own garden. We are offering additional varieties of eggplants, flowers, herbs, onions, scallions, salad and cooking greens, peppers, summer squash, and winter squash. We are also offering crops such as arugula, beets, peas, radishes and spinach that normally get seeded directly but can be transplanted for an early start.”

Transplants grown this way suffer less transplant shock and show better resistance to adverse conditions such as disease and pest pressure, the release said. Transplants include those that are suited for a colder northern climate.

The farm’s transplants are organically grown in its greenhouse from seed in a compost-based, biologically active potting soil and they are tended by Director of Agriculture Jonathan Kirschner.