After nine days, missing pug reunited with owner in Wilton

WILTON — Against all odds, after being missing for nine days, Jellybean the pug was reunited with her owner Logan Schneider the evening of July 8.

Jellybean was rescued by an older woman who saw the dog being dumped in an abandoned lot in Stamford near the senior facility where she lived, Schneider said.

The man who was leaving Jellybean told the woman he had gotten her from two men, one of whom had taken her from her parents’ home on Pelham Lane. Schneider, who is from Chicago, came to Wilton to ride out the COVID quarantine.

The man who took Jellybean, Schneider was told, had been working as a laborer in the neighborhood.

“He decided he no longer wanted to care for her,” Schneider said of the man who was leaving her. That came as no surprise since the 9-year-old pug is partially blind and needs medication for a variety of health issues.

The woman had cared for Jellybean for two days when her daughter saw a poster Schneider had put up. Schneider said she will be visiting with Wilton police to see if they can determine who took Jellybean.

Pugs have always been in her family, said Schneider, who shared that she was 12 when she was diagnosed with endometriosis. At that time the family had a pug who “helped me through my surgeries,” she said. When that dog died, Schneider’s father thought she needed another dog. She was 16 when she got Jellybean as well as a mini-Australian shepherd named Molly as puppies.

“They were by me for all my treatments and surgeries, sitting on my bed,” Schneider said. “I call them my nurses.”

“Jellybean came with me to college, she’s in my prom photos.”

“She’s cuddly, she needs to be by a human, she just wants to be snuggled,” Schneider said. “If we go for a walk I put her in a backpack.”

Molly had also been missing Jellybean, Schneider said, saying the dog had been waiting by the door and refusing to eat.

When Jellybean finally came home, Molly acted as if she did not know her, Schneider said, guessing it had something to do with the pug’s scent. But by Thursday morning, “Molly was licking her face all over,” she said.

Jellybean’s been to the vet and seems to be OK, although her vision may have deteriorated some, Schneider said. “She’s very tired but happy to be home. She’s glued to my hip.”

Schneider said she is very grateful for Jellybean’s return and wanted to thank all the volunteers who helped look for her and sent words of encouragement. “That really helped us through it,” she said.

“By day two or three we were struggling. By day nine, it was just awful.” She was so desperate, she said she almost paid for a billboard.

“Just knowing people were out there looking for her on their own was so helpful,” she said. “The community really came together.”