Aaron Ramsey murder trial moves to late October, more mental evaluations expected

Aaron Ramsey, the Wilton man accused of bludgeoning his father to death in May, has received a psychological evaluation from Dr. Justin Schecter of Stamford, and will likely plead "not guilty by mental disease or defect," according to public defender Howard Ehring.

"It will probably be necessary for other types of evaluation," Mr. Ehring said.

Mr. Ramsey appeared at Stamford Superior Courthouse on Friday morning, Aug. 31, where his next court was set for late October, and will be presided over by Judge Gary White.

When he appeared in court on June 22, Mr. Ramsey was found competent to stand trial, although Mr. Ehring said being considered competent "doesn't rule out mental disease or mental defect."

He faces charges for the murder of his father, Edward Ramsey, at their home at 125 Signal Hill Road, in which his father was beaten and stabbed repeatedly with a knife.