ASML continues public hearing on expansion

ASML on Feb. 12 continued its public hearing with the Planning and Zoning Commission on a proposed expansion to accommodate growing business so that planners can review updated lighting at the facility.

The hearing will continue on Feb. 26.

Commissioners at earlier hearings had expressed concerns about lighting that would emanate from the planned 45,000-square-foot building addition, and from the parking garage, so the company made changes to its lighting plans. The lighting in the building will now be recessed into the ceiling and the lighting in the garage will be set into the parapets, rather than from a free-standing light pole, said Casey Healy, the attorney representing the company.

“Those things seem small but they are important in trying to contain light,” said Bob Nerney, the town’s planning director.

ASML also at the last minute submitted the results of a noise study it performed on the property lines and off-site, to satisfy concerns of the commission.

“The hearing was continued because the commissioners need time to review the material that just came in,” Nerney said.