ABC of Wilton: Experts impart life skills

ABC of Wilton recently wrapped up the second year of its Life Skills Program, which incorporates common-sense topics into the scholar curriculum, better preparing graduating students for the college experience and life’s adult challenges. Each Life Skills topic was organized into an interactive workshop setting and delivered by subject matter experts who live in Wilton.
“The Life Skills Program is a big game changer for the ABC scholars,” said Christian Gilles, ABC of Wilton’s president. “We spoke with ABC alumni and board members to make sure our topics were relevant to the kids and would be helpful today and post graduation.”
Those participating were:

  • Leadership Camp Jewell — Michael Gordon, Middlebrook;

  • Nutrition and Culinary — Tim LeBant, The SchoolHouse Restaurant;

  • Get Organized — Dawn Reshen Doty;

  • Myers Briggs Analysis and Impact — Ellen Byrne;

  • Leadership and the Working World — Sue Johnson, Florene Kissy, GenRE;

  • Resume Excellence — Susan Shaller;

  • Banking 101 — Ann Mitrione, Bankwell;

  • Faith Journey — Rev. Shannon White, Wilton Presbyterian Church;

  • Personal Safety and Self Defense — Robert Olmedo, Olmedo Self Defense and staff;

  • Swimming — Sarah Hagan, The Wilton Family Y;

  • College and Beyond — Conor Brown, UNH; Maddie Kirchof, Miami University Farmer School; Graham Parsons, Dickinson.

The program also benefited from food and merchandise sponsors including the Village Market, Wilton Pizza, CT Coffee, Marley’s and the Wilton Sports Shop.    
Anyone interested in participating in future Life Skills workshops is asked to visit the Lifeskills link at