A phone scam is targeting Wilton residents today

A phone-based scam has been targeting Wilton residents recently, according to multiple members of the Wilton 411 Facebook group. If you or a family member receive a phone call from someone claiming to represent Microsoft — or any unknown caller — do not give out any private information, say Wilton police.

“You don’t want to provide any information to anyone if you do not know with whom you are speaking. Don’t provide any personal information. Contact Wilton police and we’ll take it from there. We have the resources to coordinate with other agencies, and to conduct an investigation,” said Detective Kip Tarrant.

According to multiple reports on Wilton 411, a person, or group of people, have been calling homes in town claiming to be associated with the Microsoft Corporation. The person making the call informs homeowners that Microsoft has detected their personal computers had been “hacked,” and asks for a credit card number, social security number, and date of birth, in order to solve the issue.

According to the Microsoft company, these calls are scams with the intent of gaining access to the private information of the person who picks up the phone.

“Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) to charge you for computer security or software fixes,” the Microsoft online-privacy website says.

If you have already given private information to someone claiming to be associated with Microsoft, the company suggests you take the following steps.

• Change your computer password, the password on your main email account, and change the password to any financial accounts, especially your bank and credit card.

• Scan your computer with the Microsoft Safety Scanner to find out if you have malware installed on your computer.

• Install Microsoft Security Essentials.

For more information, visit microsoft.com/security/online-privacy.