A Better Chance has 'Life Skills'

A Better Chance of Wilton (ABC) introduced a new “Life Skill” toolbox program for scholars this year.

The program kicked off with a leadership retreat at Camp Jewel the first weekend of the school year for all of the scholars led by Michael Gordon. The scholars will engage in a series of workshops throughout the year led by Wiltonians donating their time and talents.

The mission of the interactive teaching sessions is to reinforce basic life skills for the scholars following the current ABC framework: the 10 steps of academic success and scholarship, and the SCHOLAR framework: Studious, Considerate, Healthy, Organized, Leadership, Adaptability, and Respectful.

“The program can always improve and evolve and we strongly believe that a key element of ABC of Wilton is to prepare scholars for life beyond the borders of Wilton,” said John Klein, chairman of the Wilton ABC board.

The new addition to the current ABC curriculum augments the Wilton High School academic life skills program already in place for all Wilton High School students.

The two-hour workshops with the girls and boys combined will be led by experts teaching tangible life skills. Earlier in the month, nutritionist Loryn Galardi of Comprehensive Nutrition conducted a workshop on the impact of eating healthy foods. The scholars learned about a balanced approach to eating and how foods can directly impact your health.

“The scholars came to the workshop eager and ready to learn new information, research and issues that challenge them on a daily basis when it comes to healthy eating,” Ms. Galardi said in a press release. “Their pointed questions and forethought made for a thought-provoking and engaging evening.”

Other Life Skills workshops include topics such as leadership, personal safety and self-defense, and swimming. A wide variety of skills are offered, and sessions will be conducted at the Wilton ABC houses, Wilton Pizza, Marley’s, Wilton Congregational Church, the Wilton YMCA and Wilton Re Offices.

Operating in it’s 16th year, the Wilton ABC Houses have a 100% graduation rate from Wilton High School and 100% of the scholars have been accepted to college, many at the most prestigious universities in the country.