30 home sales in Wilton, one over $2 million

Wilton has another substantial week of property transfers, with 30 home sales and one over $2 million.

Wilton has another substantial week of property transfers, with 30 home sales and one over $2 million.

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from Oct. 16 to Oct. 29.

23 East Meadow Road: Carlo and Nancy Valente to Andrew and Marisol Morley, $1,375,000.

98 Silver Spring Road: Steven and Aileen Senneff to Matthew Riech and Kathryn Dykeman, $825,000.

141 Cannon Road: Peter C. Keiser and Florence L. Romanov and Frances Julia Keiser to Kelsy and Jake Pruner, $340,000.

25 Deepwood Road: Pasqualina and Mario Laracca to James E. Burdett Jr., $847,500.

53 Journeys End Road: Michael S. and Terri L. Stewart to Deniza and Dan Mihailoff, $28,400.

266 Thunder Lake Road: Gerald Pucci Jr. and Mary Ellen Blond to Poonam A. and Aneel K. Bherwani, $912,500.

1034 Ridgefield Road: Douglas M. and Paula A. McGraime to Cavan and Lisa Pohlschroeder, $1,385,000.

455 Thayer Pond Road: Estate of Helen M. Shortell to Monica C. and Robert R. Brina, $435,000.

306 Danbury Road Unit 3: Joan D. Moore (trust) to Frederick S. Gold and Barbara D. Levine, $700,000.

48 Sharp Hill Road Unit 2: Sally Poundstone to Daniel O’Neill, $191,000.

21 Olmstead Hill Road: Ken E. and Christina W. Richardson to Andrew Gerber and Delaine Duncan, $910,000.

64 Wilton Crest Unit 64: Sarah A. Carta to Nancy Lombardo Valente, $535,000.

11 Snowberry Lane: Teresa O’Hara to Lauren and Gulliver Travers, $789,000.

64 Grumman Hill Road: David B. and Kathie S. Mandel to Benjamin Pote and Pilar Paris, $729,000.

16 Brandon Circle: Timothy and Mary Beth Mahon to David L. and Kerryanne M. Blankenship, $1,365,000.

26 Sunset Hill Road: Lisa B. Hassing to Sara and Michael Zawoiksi, $579,000.

24 Graenest Ridge Road: Andrew Norris to Aaron Popowsky and Amy Wasserman, $2,488,000.

14 Westfield Road: Richard J. and Melissa A. Spalding to Carolyn Jean and Paul Stanley Barako, $810,000.

467 Nod Hill Road: Gerald Daniel and Susan Kay Streety to Daniel J. Bartus, $605,000.

81 Kellogg Drive: Margaret Dobbins to Jennifer Brown and Adam Fisher, $510,000.

28 Calvin Road: Stuart and Margaret Holcombe to Xiaoye Wang and Jianbo Tian, $980,000.

30 Calvin Road: Yasmin K. Assef to Alec Giovino, $530,000.

161 Hurlbutt Street: Sumant and Anne Lieth Khanna to Sarah Michelle and Timothy John Donnelly, $995,000.

52 Old Farm Road: Estate of Harriet T. Hoskinson to Richard Adam and Kerry Lynn Ray, $1,400,000.

39 Old Huckleberry Road: Marla V. and David G. W. Hummel to Gopal Tampi and Shubhashree Mukherjee, $1,215,000.

27 Olmstead Hill Road: Karen Curtin to James Larson and Amanda Lerner, $795,000.

19 Fullin Lane: Middlebrook Lane Assoc. LLC to Ethan Charas, $235,000.

22 Silvermine Woods: Kirsten Morin to Oleg and Rodica Bujor, $850,000.

26 Kensett Avenue: Margaret Sirano to Michael and Yenyfer Betancourt, $620,000.

4 West Wind Lane: Robert J. and Nora C. Spaulding to Michael Arciero and Michelle Colacion, $1,030,000.