$3.5M home tops 18 Wilton property sales

WITLON — The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from June 29 through July 8.

109 Sturges Ridge Road: Benjamin and Theresa Spivey to Benjamin and Eugenia Goetsch $840,000.

31 Blue Ridge Road: Carl F. and Christina M. Lenz to Daniel A. Griffin, $639,000.

148 Old Highway: Clyde B. Phillips and Jane Lancellotti to Sean C. and Kate Louise McInerney, $1,400,000.

121 Middlebrook Farm Road: Christina N. Duncan to Peter Moody Brooks, $3,500,000.

24 Silvermine Woods, Unit 24: Lawrence J. and Carole M. Pakkala to Richard E. Mayer, $735,000.

303 Westport Road: Gregory S. Kelser to Wendy Roseberry and Brian Whelan, $1,175,000.

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87 Cherry Lane: Deutsche Bank Trust Co, Tr. to Ivan Rossi, $416,000.

143 Cheese Spring Road: Karen Seward and Christopher Davidson to Marianna Ofosu, $655,000.

185 Old Boston Road: Kathleen M. Pramer to William S. Yulo and Christine Titus, $929,000.

115 Signal Hill Road: Lowell A. and Amy L. Shulman to Feisal G. Mohamed and Sally Fattah, $875,000.

34 Pheasant Run: Jan-Christian and Melanie B. Will to Amy B. Bernard, $760,000.

90 Valeview Road: A. Stephen Lanza and Pamela F. Arciero to Ralph and Rosalyn McCauley, $585,000.

378 Nod Hill Road: John and Heather Morello to Batiduan Wolfson Family, LLC, $1,275,000.

66 McFadden Drive: Debra Clark and Victor S. Fuentes to Daniel S. Ebbs and Erika T. Gendron, $570,000.

66 Pipers Hill Road: Steven and Kathleen Papstein to Thomas and Kathryn Lewis, $772,000.

190 DeForest Road: Evan and Katelyn Gerhard to Stephanie and Bassell Deeb, $645,000.

10 Greenbriar Lane: Carol M. Barbour to Ezra M. Spilke and Marlee Book, $759,750.

234 Mountain Road: James P. and Stephanie P. Cummings, to Cynthia and Carlo Astrologo, $642,900.